We believe in hard work Capacity of 100 000-day old chicks per week
EST. 2018

Welcome to the home of Superchicks

SuperChicks is a broiler hatchery that supplies 1st grade high quality vaccinated day-old chicks to emerging farmers, cooperatives and small commercial farmers.

The hatchery has a capacity of 100 000-day old chicks per week and currently enjoys a hatchability level of over 90%. The capacity equates to approximately 400 000-day old chicks per month and around 4 million-day old chicks per annum.

Member of the South African Poultry Association

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Why Choose Us?


In our day-to-day service to customers, we guarantee a consistent and regular supply of quality day old chicks.


We strive to build trust-based relationships, respect and support all our customers.


We accept and understand the value of the many and varied interests of our customers .


The health and safety of our employees and the environment in which we operate remains our responsibility to protect.

Empowerment of Employees

We continue to train, empower and develop our employees.

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